Zühre Clothing 2019 Collection

Zühre clothing 2019 collection, stylish designs of each other presented to the taste of ladies continue to be talked about. With the introduction of the new season, the innovations and new models in tesettür clothing gained another dimension with the feverish efforts of the brands. Zuhre clothing , one of the leading names in hijab , designed different models for the new season and presented them to the conservative women. Special designs for young people from Zühre Zühre with its dynamic models in the 2018- 2019 autumn-winter collection ; In the new education period, young people prefer to be conservative. Designed with inspiration from nature and the energy of young people, the collection includes dual sets, bags and scarves and stylish bags that provide comfort throughout the day. With a very rich and elegant models, the veil is a new dimension in clothing. With Zühre clothing 2019 collection , you can meet your expectations in the best way and you can change in style and style as you like. Timeless elegance with outfit combinations Combining conservative fashion with innovative ideas , Zühre creates stylish combinations with its metropolis collection specially designed for women working and in life. Designed with modern lines, the new collection includes indispensable pastel and mustard hues, gray, taba and khaki colors and red bags. Venus; 2018 – 2019 autumn-winter collection nu renewed the lines reflecting the vibrant and free spirit of the metropolis. Zuhre, with its new tunics – double suits, trench coats, cuffs and bags added to the collection, brings the energy of the colors and the fashion of the city to you. ‘Ceylon Yellow’ fashions in conservative clothing With the arrival of autumn, the natural colors of nature started to be a trend. Zühre, the exotic tone of the yellow in the 2018-2019 collection reflect the spirit of autumn with the models ‘Ceylon Yellow’ As the weather begins to cool, seasonal clothes take their place in wardrobes. The exotic yellow tones reflecting the elegance and sunshine of autumn are reflected in the new season models of Zühre. Zühre Clothing Difference in the new season Zühre Giyim, which has made many choices in terms of models, continues to meet expectations in the best way about the trend models of the season. You will meet the new season with a more elegant and more ambitious brand with the brand of hijabs that are the most popular for women who want to change style and style.  

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